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Mass media is quickly disappearing. Content providers and advertisers must find more targeted ways to profitably deliver personalized content. The transition from physical to digital media creates fundamental tension between what consumers want to do, what technology enables them to do and what content owners will allow them to do. Media  & Entertainment organizations struggle with emerging business models and how to balance consumers’ needs with the needs of content companies and copyright holders to protect their revenue streams. They must address how people access, consume and manipulate copyrighted content within a legal and regulatory environment that is constantly evolving.

InsightSPI delivers solutions to our Media & Entertainment clients that help:

  • Forecast transformational revenue models
  • Analyze market risk from licensing practices and regulatory impact
  • Measure digital advertising effectiveness
  • Plan emerging device platforms and markets
  • Embed analytics into digital content commerce processes
  • Analyze consumption trends
  • Utilize consumer data for segmentation and profiling analysis
  • Determine product profitability

Social and other digital media have driven recent growth (some say explosion) in data volumes…BIG DATA! InsightSPI helps our clients manage and integrate this structured, semi-structured and unstructured data in order to enable meaningful fact-based decision making across the enterprise. Click here to read more about Information Management solutions.


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