Manufacturing companies face increased competition and pressure from both ends of their supply chains. Furthermore, manufacturing tends to be hit harder by economic downturns than the rest of the economy, in terms of both depth and duration.

Manufacturers and distributors must be able to control key drivers of performance such as supplier lead time, product quality, inventory levels, and production cost. However, controlling these drivers is often challenging due to the lack of integrated information delivery to key decision-makers.

InsightSPI delivers business intelligence, data integration, and performance management solutions that provide manufacturers with meaningful visibility across supply chain, sales, purchasing, customer service and finance and functions. As our manufacturing customers integrate these solutions into their business model, they become increasingly agile to adapt to new product opportunities, identify process and cost efficiencies across the supply chain, manage workforce drivers, and proactively thrive in a volatile economic climate.

InsightSPI solutions enable manufacturers to:

  • Store and analyze massive volumes of data to improve design, development and production processes
  • Empower line managers to monitor, analyze and act in order to optimize speed and quality of production
  • Determine the elasticity of product features and price points to extend product lifecycles across diverse global markets
  • Apply root cause analysis and defect signal detection technologies to increase the quality in manufacturing processes 
  • Leverage collaborative performance management technologies and tools to align financial planning and operational rhythms


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