High Technology

Software, semiconductor, electronics and high-tech manufacturing companies have elongated and geographically diverse supply chains, with product lifecycle management and manufacturing flowing across multiple borders, channels and partners. Disruption and variability in supply or demand can negatively impact profitability, customer relationships, and current/future revenue streams.

InsightSPI delivers technology enables to not only absorb this disruption, but leverage and predict variability/volatility to optimize profitability and competitive advantage. Our customers have the information integration and performance management capabilities to obtain visibility across their sales, marketing, customer support, supply chain planning, and finance functions in order to:

  • Analyze barriers to market entry, specific to individual products and platforms
  • Synchronize operational processes with real-time customer demand signals
  • Improve value chain execution with intelligent demand/supply analytics
  • Respond to competition within defined supply tier structures
  • Manage with the threat of product substitutes
  • Continually drive and optimize product innovation
  • Manage and analyze product lifecycles to maximize profitability


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