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Today's banking, finance, and investment institutions operate in an industry more diverse and unpredictable than any other. They need laser focus to monitor/manage strategies and rapidly make adjustments. InsightSPI provides the analytical and data management “muscle” to help our financial services customers make profitable decisions, manage risk and grow their portfolios.

For example, banks realize that keeping customers is no longer enough (that’s why banks don’t give away toasters anymore), and understanding “loyalty profiles” as well as predicting buying patterns is important. InsightSPI helped one retail bank discover the following impact of existing vs. defecting customers:

5% of checking account customers defected annually; taking with them 10% of the bank’s checking accounts and 3% of total balances. However, the 35% of customers who (stayed and) reduced their balances significantly cost the bank 24% of its total balances, while 35% who increased their balances raised the bank’s total balances by 25%

InsightSPI delivers analytics, performance management and data integration solutions that provide this game-changing customer profitability analysis to financial services institutions, along with other high-impact capabilities, including:

  • Information delivery across business units, financial products and portfolios to better manage globalization issues
  • Risk analysis for investments, markets, credit and lending
  • Fraud detection analytics that reduce money laundering and identity theft
  • Meaningful customer profiling that improve cross-selling strategies
  • Data integration and comprehensive analysis across call center, loan processing, and electronic trading functions
  • Reporting capabilities to enable transparency and compliance with industry regulations
  • Real-time market data integration


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