Enterprise Performance Management

While most organizations can identify at the end of an accounting period whether the company made a profit, they often struggle to identify the most profitable products, customers, regions or business segments. Even worse, many find it hard to identify the impact of new business strategies on productivity and profitability, which can lead to the poor utilization of corporate resources.

These challenges exist for several reasons:

  • Planning at the operational level happens in disconnected silos and is usually dominated by the financial budget.
  • Links to the underlying transactional systems generating actual data rely heavily on manual data transfer and intervention.
  • Reporting is often fragmented and departmentally focused.
  • Organizations often rely on simple spreadsheet models, which are error-prone and inappropriate for complex planning and reporting requirements.
  • Profitability analysis happens as a stand-alone activity, and not as drivers for the planning process.

InsightSPI helps organizations address these challenges by delivering proven leading-edge technology solutions so our clients can understand what drives performance in their organizations and achieve alignment between strategic plans and operational activities.

Our solutions enable the implementation of any number of methodologies, from Balanced Scorecard to Baldridge to Six Sigma to Economic Value Added (EVA), as well as emerging industry-specific frameworks that measure and optimize business performance.

Whether you choose a methodology or simply want to start evolving your organization’s performance management capabilities, InsightSPI delivers the following enabling technologies for comprehensive performance management solutions:

Scorecarding technologies to better align resources with strategies

Predictive analytics to link lagging to leading indicators

Integrated planning, forecasting and reporting across finance, sales & marketing, your supply chain, HR and IT functions

Dashboard visuals and alerts to ensure efficient access, timely information, and quick responses to business/market changes

Profitability and productivity modeling to tie key strategy drivers to operational execution


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