If you are a business operations leader who…

  • Needs to understand how your operations are performing both operationally and financially on a real-time basis vs. waiting until the end of the month
  • Wants to put the same financial analysis tools and information into the hands of your operational analysts that your Finance department colleagues are using to plan and measure your operations
  • Needs to integrate transactional information from your operational systems with financial data from the financial systems in order to create a complete view of what is happening
  • Needs to combine data from external sources with the data from your systems of record in order to understand your operations and support critical decisions

And if you believe that…

  • Spending 60-80% of your analysts time accumulating and assembling data before they can do any meaningful analysis and reporting is a poor use of your scares resources
  • Time spending trying to reconcile the operational metrics with the financial results reported by the Finance department is unproductive at best, and damaging to the business at worst
  • Large-scale “Business Intelligence” and “Data Warehouse” solutions look too costly and risky for what they promise to deliver, and are prone to the same delays and overruns that tripped up your efforts to integrate your multiple operational and transactional systems in the first place
  • The “human glue” of your analysts working over your numbers provides some valuable insight into your operations, but you just wish they could do it more faster and more effectively, with more thinking and less mindless number-crunching

InsightSPI’s packaged solutions for Operational analytics and business Intelligence will help you improve your insight into your business operations, and a fraction of the cost of the “BI Software Packages” you may be looking at.  Our solution consists of:

  • A pre-configured  reporting environment (extracts, database structures, and the desktop tools you analysts need for self-service access and analysis) that we can adapt to your specific requirements and deploy in weeks, not months or quarters
  • A library of analysis and reporting templates that your team of analysts can use to get started, and can quickly modify directly with the tools they are already familiar with (Microsoft Office)
  • Tools to  pull in structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources, allowing the analysts to create “mash-ups” and providing a 360° view of your business
  • A finance portal based on Microsoft Sharepoint that helps manage the workflow of your key reporting efforts, archives essential reports and analysis with complete revision tracking and control
  • A deployment roadmap that consists of point solutions that address your critical needs in tightly defined, manageable phases that provide measureable value with each phase
  • A managed, hosted environment so that you can get up and running quickly, without extensive IT efforts, but one that can migrate to your own data centers as appropriate for your control and security requirements

Compared to the “big ticket” Business Intelligence Solutions from the large software companies, InsightSPI’s packaged solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Higher user adoption rates, because your analysts are working with the tools they are already familiar with
  • Analysis frameworks, report layouts, and presentations that are created by your analysts can be rapidly and seamlessly integrated with your departmental and corporate reporting dashboards
  • User portals that can be easily tailored to your organization and workflows, with imbedded controls that augment your control and compliance regimen
  • Dramatically lower implementation costs and risks
  • Equivalent or better levels of security and control

Compared to “point solutions” that claim to offer end-users ready access to analysis and graphical reporting tools, but that offer limited or no control over the integrity of the data underlying the reports and analysis being prepared, InsightSPI’s packaged solutions provide:

  • Controls to ensure that data from your transactional system of record reconcile as a “single source of truth” that functional and financial users recognize and agree with
  • A rich library of pre-formatted graphical analysis tools that are driven directly off of data from your systems of record…so that your reports, analyses and dashboards are always up-to-date, and new views are easy to prepare
  • A publishing environment that allows any report to be instantly rendered in the format that your different users demand—web-based dashboards and reports for daily operations,  both hardcopy and on-line publication to board books for your board members, self-service reports pulled from the reporting portal as needed by managers and executives, with full drill-down detail only a click away
  • An environment for planning and managing the creation of regular work products, and for reusing valuable new work products, so that analysts build on each other’s work instead of recreating it


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