Information Technology

IT leaders seek to optimize the company’s technology resources and support strategic business goals. This means aligning the right mix of systems and resources to meet business demands while managing IT performance and costs across the enterprise.

Many CIOs are capitalizing on the value of information to their organizations, and are now seeking to transform their IT departments from support functions to business value drivers. These leaders need capabilities to align IT performance with business results and tangible benefits.

InsightSPI delivers analytics, performance management and data integration solutions that help IT departments leverage a fact-based approach to improve performance. Our customers can monitor whether or not IT service meets/exceeds end users' expectations, they can plan the optimal allocation of IT resources, they can predict issues that would cause application/system downtime, and they can forecast capacity/usage needs to eliminate unnecessary infrastructure costs.

These IT leaders now have high-impact capabilities to:

  • Optimize IT resource demand and capacity.
  • Align IT resource utilization and future investments with business drivers and cost models
  • Monitor and integrate exception alerts that eliminate IT service/support bottlenecks
  • Improve transparency with activity-based tracking and reporting to their business customers
  • Identify opportunities for infrastructure cost reductions and process improvement
  • Link IT costs to business value
  • Measure effectiveness of service level commitments  


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