Human Resources

A workforce is one of your greatest assets and one of your biggest expenses. In most cases, satisfied customers are a direct result of satisfied employees. Leading-edge organizations are looking to refine their methods to capture, integrate and analyze employee data with the goal of increasing productivity, maximizing retention and improving competitive advantage. InsightSPI’s data integration, reporting and analytics solutions take the guess-work out of workforce planning and employee performance optimization.

Human Resource leaders can identify, monitor, analyze and improve employee productivity and retention, as well as leverage employee satisfaction metrics e.g. referral rates, absenteeism. InsightSPI solutions also include predictive modeling capabilities that help forecast workforce and headcount planning needs, particularly for volatile business cycles.

High performing organizations use analytics and information to improve the management of human capital. InsightSPI solutions for data integration, analytics, planning and reporting improve our clients' ability to:

  • Capture trends in staff turnover and identify the business units, positions or geographies that need “care and feeding”
  • Link employee objectives and development plans to company strategy and performance
  • Align key business growth areas to workforce forecasting
  • Identify risks in skill shortages critical to your business
  • Evaluate training effectiveness and link to performance results
  • Understand what backgrounds and characteristics are common across your high-performance employees
  • Plan and manage workforce costs with better visibility across all HR data sources and the integration of financial data 

An "AH-HA" BI large investment banking customers leveraged our analytics solutions and discovered that their highest performing financial specialists and bank managers came NOT from other financial services companies, but from leading retailers (Best Buy, Gap, etc.)


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