Scorecarding & Performance Management for Life Sciences

In order to accelerate drug pipeline results, a major pharmaceutical company re-organized their research and development organization into distributed competency centers. While this approach applied renewed focus and strategies to drug discovery and development, it also created a “side effect” of disparate information and management silos.

InsightSPI's team was called upon to help integrate information across these R&D groups and provide visibility to monitor, manage and optimize drug development efforts. We delivered a comprehensive global collaboration, planning and analysis system that enabled balanced monitoring across all R&D groups and efficiencies in research and development efforts. 


  • Distinct R&D business units with separate systems and information management
  • Manual process for planning and cost management across groups
  • Minimal cross-company sharing/utilization of operations, finance and research data


  • Information management solution for integrated research, operations and financial data across R&D groups
  • Dashboard reporting, analytics and planning platform for performance management
  • Balanced scorecard approach to identify and monitor key business activities that impact strategic direction
  • Increased operational efficiencies and economies of scale across business units
  • Agile collaboration and information-sharing to leverage cross-purpose drug discovery efforts.


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