SAAS Analytics for High Tech Manufacturing

One of the larger high-tech manufacturers in the world needed to optimize performance for several high-profile programs within the organization. There was an urgent need to manage technical, engineering, operations and financial metrics in order to maximize productivity.

The organization’s IT group invested and standardized on an analytics and data management toolset that was not well received by the business.  Consequently, the business reverted to manual monitoring extensive spreadsheet reviews and a “war room” approach to managing important program metrics. They needed a comprehensive solution that addressed the problem space between “clipboard” and “IT standard”. 


  • Low business adoption of BI & reporting standards and low perceived ROI
  • Large complex manufacturing programs using “clipboard” approach to program management
  • Unable to adequately sense & respond to program and supply chain issues
  • “Brute force” stovepipe management of financials, technical metrics and resource planning


  • SAAS cloud-based solution
  • Data integration across financial and operational program systems
  • Dashboard monitoring, analytics and alerts for proactive program management
  • Small infrastructure “footprint” with information delivery through a browser
  • Extendable across the enterprise
  • Integrate with existing program rhythms and processes
  • “Single view” of program metrics
  • Increased productivity as well as early warning and mitigation for supply and production issues


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