Integrated Inventory Planning & Analytics for Retail

One of the world’s fastest growing fashion retailers needed to plan and improve inventory levels for rapidly expanding brands across the business. Merchandise executives wanted to leverage previously successful planning methods, but rapid growth required the need for improvements in data management, scale, performance and collaboration across all stakeholders..

InsightSPI delivered a solution that enables analysis and planning capabilities throughout the planning cycle and across wholesale, retail and direct business units. The solution includes data integration across channels, a collaborative closed-loop planning application, and robust inventory analytics. 


  • Existing vendor applications/tools were too rigid
  • Managers/analysts were accustomed to planning in Excel
  • Brands were growing too large to analyze various buying behaviors/trends and inventory activity across all lines of business using existing methods
  • Delicate balance between too much inventory and not enough (either one reduces profits)  


  • Comprehensive inventory planning, forecasting and analysis for all merchandise planners/buyers
  • Excel-based interface with powerful analytics and unified data integration
  • Accurate open-to-buy forecasting
  • Analysis of product categories across wholesale, retail and direct channels
  • Reduced mark-downs of surplus inventory
  • Reduced stock-outs


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