BI Strategy – How Do I Build This House? 

Pervasive analytics and fact-based decision-making are game-changers for high performing organizations. Yet, many progressive companies have immature and under-developed business analytics and performance management capabilities, with challenges that include:

  • Limited data access
  • Large volumes of Operational Reports
  • Unmanaged Excel Report Proliferation
  • Multiple versions of the truth
  • Redundant BI tools & processes
  • Inconsistent track record delivering BI solutions
  • Manual Data Integration
  • Unreliable Data Quality
  • Manual Planning Processes

InsightSPI helps companies evolve their capabilities for business analytics and performance management. We use our proven repeatable methods and an effective business-driven approach that aligns all stakeholders to agree on what success looks like across the organization.

InsightSPI Approach

Building the Vision

It is vital to simultaneously foster an understanding of the business goals and technical possibilities when developing a business analytics and performance management strategy. InsightSPI understands that business requirements should drive technology solutions (not the other way around), but our experience also tells us that in order to optimize business goals and gain the most benefit, it is crucial to have a good understanding of what is possible with available technology. Our customers are experts on their business, but they typically “don’t know what they don’t know” when it comes to the power of dynamic reporting, business analytics, collaborative planning, or many other innovations that can enhance their business vision. We help our customers define what success looks like.

Architecting the Roadmap

We do not adhere to traditional BI delivery models, “big bang” project approaches, or rigidly structured information management infrastructures. Our BI architecture and road mapping deliverables align with a customer solutions framework designed to “begin with the end in mind”, and driven by:

  1. Prioritized business value/urgency
  2. Incremental & immediate high-impact wins
  3. Long-term information architecture
  4. Evolving enterprise BI “maturity”
  5. Robust information delivery tools & technologies
  6. Key success drivers that include:
  • Data management & quality
  • User adoption & buy-in
  • Balancing innovation and cost


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